June Waugh El 


                                                                                        City, State, Zip

                                                                                                                                                                   Clint D. Nelson Bey                                                      

18519 Invermere Ave,  

Cleveland, OH 44122-6427  

Dear Bro. Bey, I spoke to you on the phone about 7 years ago to discuss the Washitaw you once belonged to.  You instructed me to find you again when I had come into my own as an active Moor. I am still but a novice but I have completed the process of Moorish appellation and am now ready to disperse my proclamation to the appropriate recipients. I do not know of any other Moors in this area that I trust.  I tried to affiliate with the Moorish Science Temple but they were practicing some sort of black magic.    I do not have any Moor that can formerly vouch for me in my proclamaton.  I was hoping that you could do me this service and honor.    As for my part in the uplifting of fallen humanity, I have put together a website where I am collecting and writing information in the form of video and text that I believe will be of great value in the times to come when info will be hard to come by.  I am also recruiting young and old Moors on social media to divest themselves of their slave business and join the ranks of the free Moorish Americans. If you would be so kind as to witness my signature of proclamation I would greately appreciate it.  We can meet at the library if you decide to help me. You may contact me at timenomore@mail.com My website is https://patreon.com/TheMoorEmpire?fan_landing=true If you prefer to speak to me in person my cell is 216-956-9453 Normally I am unavailable but if you leave me a text I will call you. Thank you so much for your consideration.  Peace Moor

June Waugh El